Is the StoryBrand Guide Certification Worth It?

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Finding the right marketing tools and framework to help your company grow (or your clients if you’re an agency) can be really hard. We get it—as a company, we spent years building websites that looked great but weren’t very compelling. They served their purpose, but they didn’t harness the power of good content and messaging as a selling tool. Then we found StoryBrand and went through the StoryBrand Guide Certification program.

StoryBrand gave us a framework to create content that sells. We started by building our own BrandScript and applying it to our website. With just some changes in wording and minor design edits, our leads doubled. That’s when we knew we were onto something.

How StoryBrand Guide Certification Helps

The StoryBrand guide certification program gives you all the tools you need to provide marketing services that really work. Business Builders has been in business for 20 years, and we’ve never seen a single tool more helpful than StoryBrand.

Bring Clarity to Your Messaging

When someone asks you to describe your business (or you ask a client to describe theirs), the answer will probably include a list of services offered and some info about how the business started. The trouble with this approach is that it puts you at the center of the story — and that’s where your customer should be. Using StoryBrand helps you identify the problems customers are facing and communicate clearly how you can help them solve those problems.

Connect with Customers 

Our brains are wired to pay attention to stories. Stories are why we love movies, read books, and listen to our friends tell us about their last vacation. When you identify with your customer’s story and guide them through the steps they need to take to achieve success, they’ll connect with you and your business.

Drive Action and Increase Sales

Connecting with customers is great, but if the interaction stops at just connecting, it won’t help your business. Your customer has to take action. StoryBrand shows you how to guide your customers through a step-by-step process built to solve their problem. Remember earlier when we said we doubled leads using StoryBrand? That’s why we know this works.

The Takeaway

If you’re wondering if the StoryBrand guide certification is worth it, I can tell you it definitely is. And no, StoryBrand didn’t pay me to do this. In fact, I paid them to be a certified guide.

If you run a business and want to harness the power of StoryBrand for yourself, our team is here to help you get more attention and acquire more leads.

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