Where to Find Design Inspiration for Your Next Website

Where to Find Design Inspiration

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Looking for help overcoming designer’s block? You’ve come to the right place for design inspiration. 

In his popular book Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon says, “Start copying what you love. Copy, copy, copy, copy. At the end of the copy, you will find yourself.”

One myth of web design is thinking you have to fully create an amazing design all in your head. Very few things (if anything at all) are created without the influence of someone or something else. The best websites you see were more than likely inspired by another website.

Even the best designers look for inspiration.

Always look at what others are creating. And when it comes time to design your project, be sure to do some homework to see what others have already created.

Never steal someone else’s design outright.

However, you can use someone else’s site for inspiration.

For example, the layout for a section on someone else’s site might be the perfect solution for a section on your website. It could be the layout, the colors, the typography, the shapes, or all the above.

My point is this: Inspiration is all around us.

Don’t look for a design that you can rip off completely; look for elements you can modify and implement into your own design.

Find Your Design Inspiration

Here’s a list of sites I like to use for inspiration:

  • Land-book
    It showcases tons of beautiful landing pages.
  • Lapa
    It has a huge list of websites, all broken down by categories (and even color!).
  • Awwwards
    The site itself is great, but some of it features very complex designs and coding. Get inspired by it, but don’t let the overly-complex designs bum you out and keep you from believing in yourself.
  • Dribbble
    You won’t find fully developed sites here, but you’ll find plenty of mockups. Dribbble is a community of designers who share their work for critique and inspiration. It’s a great place to start any design project.

Everyone needs a little inspiration once in a while — even designers. If you’re interested in becoming a better web designer, you can get tips delivered right to your inbox.

How do you find inspiration? Tell me about it. I’d love to hear! If you’d like our team to help you design your website, find out what we can do for you

Ashley Swanson is the Creative Director for businessbldrs.com. He currently lives in South Bend, Indiana with college sweetheart, Stephanie, and their three rambunctious and beautiful kids: Jude, Shepard, and Eden.

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