Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

Title: Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

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Think of some of the large investments you may have made in the past, like buying a new home or car.

It’s exciting the moment you get handed the keys!

But, as with anything, that excitement dwindles some once a little time passes. Eventually, something doesn’t look or sound quite right, and you have to look into it so you can fix the problem.

There’s no question that your large investments need to be maintained and taken care of to extend its life and appearance. The same applies to your website!

A website is a big investment. Physically, it may not be as big as a home or car, but it’s an investment nevertheless, and all investments should be well cared for. If you get a brand-new website or have your old website revamped, then you know that it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get it just right.

A good website can be the difference between a customer gained and a customer lost.

Consider the following scenario, which has happened to the best of us:

Have you wanted to get something from a business, so you went online to visit their website and check their hours or place an order, only to find that you were unable to do either? Maybe their website wasn’t updated so the newest hours weren’t posted, or the website was so slow and poorly functioning that you couldn’t navigate it well enough to accomplish anything.

You probably got frustrated and left, seeking out another business whose website wasn’t just fast and well-functioning, but also had everything you needed right there so you were able to get what the other website couldn’t give you.

That’s the difference between a business that doesn’t invest in website maintenance and a business that does.

Like your car needs an oil change every so often, your website needs maintenance, and if you don’t keep up with it, the outcome won’t be good.

Worry-Free Website Maintenance: We Make It Easy!

Technology is always changing and improving, and between mandatory WordPress and security releases over time, websites frequently need to be updated so they can work with the latest web standards. What this means is that your website requires updates on occasion, and if you don’t get them, it’ll cause your website to run slowly or malfunction, and that can cost you customers.

Our team completes regular maintenance for our clients, which enables us to improve the security and performance of their websites so they’re always working well. Many of our clients choose to be on a maintenance plan with us to keep their site up-to-date and functioning just as well as the day we launched it!

With our team handling necessary website updates, our clients don’t have to worry about updates at all. This allows them to focus on their businesses instead of being bogged down with routine maintenance that can be confusing and time-consuming.

These days, if someone wants something, they just look it up on their phone. If your business is nowhere to be found online, or your website is so bad that it turns people away, you’re losing customers. A good website with regular maintenance is key to growing your business.

Outstanding website updates (or updates that should have been completed but never were) are often the root cause of issues that arise on websites. To avoid that, we ask that all of our clients be on a maintenance plan. This way, we can be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our clients’ websites, keeping them current and running smoothly so they can successfully serve all their current and future customers.

Our development team is committed to providing the best service possible when it comes to helping our clients, and regular website maintenance through website maintenance plans is one way we achieve that.

Does Your Website Need Updating?

You don’t have to be a development expert to keep your website fast, secure, and updated — just leave it to us. We’ve hosted hundreds of websites, deliver 99.99% uptime, and include SSL security so you can feel confident that your website is in good hands. To learn more or get started with website maintenance today, get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to help!

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