Why Your Business Needs a Custom Web Application

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Title: Why Your Business Needs a Custom Web Application

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Searching to find the right software to help you run your business can be frustrating. You research for days to weeks on end, sign up for free trials, and work to learn the new software. Then, after all that, you find there are functionalities you need that this software doesn’t have, and it won’t work for your business.

There can be a lot of frustration and pain points that come from one-size-fits-all software. So what do you do? Continue to use software that doesn’t meet your needs, or look into having a custom application built? 

How Customization Can Benefit Your Business

It can feel overwhelming to even consider working with a development team to build a custom application, but your business may need it. The number one reason why businesses need a custom application is simple: customization! Your complex business deserves a custom solution. Instead of trying to fit your business needs into an application that isn’t the right solution, you can work to create an application that’s tailored to your business needs. 


Generic software is made for a wide range of business types and may lack the functionality you need. Industry-specific software could move you in a better direction, but can still leave you falling further behind your competition. Accountingseed.com notes, “Just because a software is designed for your industry, doesn’t mean it’s designed for you or the future you want to build for your company.” Building a custom application frees you up to tailor the functionality to fit your specific industry, and even better, your specific company. Your application wouldn’t be built for other businesses and it’d have the exact functionality your team needs to do its best work. 

User Experience

By crafting an application for your business, you can develop tools and a user experience specific to your company. This can include the dashboard layout, information presented, functionality within the application, and even customized reporting. Your business may find that additional reporting is needed on top of what a generic or even industry-specific application can’t make possible. A great example of a custom user experience is that your development company can pull data in numerous ways from your application, leaving few limits to the reporting options available.

Your Budget

If you’ve read this far and find yourself thinking, “A custom application sounds like a great idea for our company, but I’m sure it would be outside of our budget,” let me quell your fears. By building a custom application, you can build in phases that align with your budget. If you can’t afford the full cost upfront, you can start with a basic application build and add-in new features over time. This allows your company to get started using the foundation of the application without breaking the bank (and all the accountants said, “Hallelujah!”). 

It’s Your Decision

If you find that your business is limited due to the current software and applications you use, I highly recommend looking into building a custom application. A customized application will give you unlimited updates for your changing needs. As your business changes and grows over time, you can make your application bigger and add new features. You’ll enjoy increased productivity and market share, a better user experience, and a tool that can grow with your business.

If you’re still on the fence, take our quiz to learn more about if a custom application is the right fit for you.

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