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fast, secure, and updated.

Maintenance Plans

We will care for and manage your site so you can spend your time doing what you do best.



The BASIC plan that keeps your site running like it should!
*The Maintain Plan does not include time for resolving issues on the site (including issues caused by WordPress & plugin updates that may conflict with functionality on your site) or making edits, but we can quote these instances separately at our hourly rate of $120/hour.

Performance Plan


Our MOST POPULAR plan that will keep your website updated and highly secure.

*support requests over 2 hours per month will be quoted at a rate of $120/hr

Accelerated Plan


The PERFECT plan that serves websites with eCommerce, membership, multilingual, LMS, or advanced functionality.

*support requests over 4 hours per month will be quoted at a rate of $120/hr

**support in 3rd party services is not included in our maintenance plans. Only assistance in connecting these services to the website. Support with the actual service itself can be reviewed by our team and quoted at our hourly rate of $120/ hour

The last thing you want is to get a call from a customer letting you know your site has been hacked and is redirecting to… well… not safe for work content.

As WordPress experts, we’re here to make sure your site is always safe, secure and up-to-date so you can focus on your business.

Keeping your website up-to-date on a monthly basis can help eliminate unexpected issues arising and allow you to focus on making necessary improvements to keep your site current. With a maintenance plan, you can benefit from quality support, quick response times, and a high level of communication. You deserve it!

How to work with us.

How to work with us.


Host with us


Pick a plan



You’re in good hands!


99.9% UPTIME

SSL Security Included


Our team typically responds to a request within 24 hours. The complexity of the request will determine the completion time, but we will let you know! 

The monthly plan costs are set up on automatic payment via Credit Card or ACH with a minimum 12-month agreement. After that time, you can cancel with 30 days’ notice.

Website edits do include things like: edits to text, swapping out images, editing banners & sliders, editing headers or footers, changes to menus and navigation, adjusting plugin settings, posting your blog content, and adding new pages (with the design of an existing site page and copy provided by the client). 

Website edits do not include things like: custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, creation or sourcing of content (images, copy, videos, etc), marketing-related tasks like SEO management or Google Analytics goals, or building out custom-designed pages. If you need help with those things, we are happy to partner with you and quote these items outside of your maintenance plan.

You can simply email in your request to us and it will create a ticket in our help desk.

– Maintain Plan – Reach out to [email protected]

– Performance Plan – Reach out to [email protected] for your website edits and support.

– Accelerated Plan – Reach out to [email protected] for your website edits and support. 

We update on plugins, theme, and core file updates on a monthly basis! There are some plugins that our team may not update based on the age of the site, as it may break it. We will always update plugins if there are security issues. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about any of the updates because we’ll handle them all for you.

Hosting your website with us allows your website to have a live space on the internet for traffic to visit. Included in hosting, we provide server support to keep your website up and running at a quick speed. If the server that your site lives on goes down, we will work with the server team to get your site back online ASAP. We also take nightly backups of your site so that you do not lose content. We only use the best hosting options which provide server security to your site to help avoid hacks and other malicious activity.
You will need to have your website on a maintenance plan in order to receive support for your website. Hosting includes keeping the website online, making sure the server is running fast, nightly backups, security, and hack repairs if something goes south with security.

To read more about the difference between hosting & maintenance plans, check out our blog post!


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