What You Need to Know About Custom App Development: Idea to Reality

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You have been ruminating on an idea for an app-driven business, and now you’re ready to turn it into a reality.

The good news? Most ideas can indeed become a custom application or software program. However, it’s not as simple as pressing a button and churning out something that will encourage downloads and engagement from users.

If you’re looking to transform your idea for an app into a tangible reality, it requires careful strategy and plenty of thorough planning to get the best results. Here’s a good starting point.

1: Determine the Big “Why” Behind Your App Idea

You know your app idea and your business best. While it could make perfect sense to you and solve a problem you’re familiar with, can the same be said for the needs of others?

Start by asking yourself if your app can solve a problem that other people may also experience. Once you’ve identified the issue your app provides a solution for, you can then start reverse-engineering it to meet the needs of your ideal user base.

Beyond this, how does your app uniquely solve the problem you’re attempting to offer a solution for? If there are other developers that are marketing similar ones to your own, what can you say differentiates your idea from theirs?

Another reason for developing an app could be to support your own business operations. For example, if you’re creating one to offload some of the recurring tasks at your business, you may feel driven by the desire to spend more time with customers, increase team morale with more meaningful work, or increase your profits by concentrating more of your business hours on the most revenue-driving tasks.

2: Outline Your App Before Designing It

As with writing a book, developing a custom app benefits from a solid outline of its core features and other key external considerations that need to be accounted for.

Start by identifying the target users for your app. For example, if yours is intended for use in the medical industry, you may want to reach doctors of small practices in suburban or rural communities that lack the same resources as large hospital systems.

From there, begin listing the features you do and do not want your app to have. Do other similar apps from competing developers have too many features that you think are not useful? Do they include some that seem incomplete or insufficient for your user base?

Once you establish who the right people are and what the right product is, you arrive at the final critical point in the planning process: profit. Think through how the app will generate revenue and a return on your investment. You can strategize this yourself and consult with another team to assist you in developing the right funnel.

3: Start the Development Process

Development involves translating your idea into a tangible product that your target audience can download and use to interact with your business. At a high level, there are generally three steps involved in creating your app.

First, connect with the right team that can assist you in the process. From ideation to conceptualization, design, and development, they can partner with you through every phase so you can launch your new app with confidence.

Second, the team that you work with will develop the app on your behalf with you involved in direction, feedback, and approval. This is done through user-focused planning and goals-driven design.

Lastly, once you have your app launched, get excited! But this does not conclude your relationship with your development team.

Apps need to be consistently updated and optimized for speed and security to ensure a fantastic experience for your users. Ongoing support plays a critical role in protecting your investment. Don’t sleep on it!

Start Developing Your Own Idea Into a Custom App

Are you tired of losing valuable business hours, shuffling through dozens of apps, and outdated technology? With your own app, you can solve these challenges and more specific to the needs of your team and your customers.

At Business Builders, we believe that custom apps should allow you to spend more time with your customers, create a happier team, and increase your profits by streamlining your workflow. Beyond this, we also believe that the app development process doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why we follow a simple 3-step process to deliver unique solutions for each of our clients.

To start the process of developing your own custom app, schedule a call with us today.

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