Is Your Website ADA Compliant? Reduce Legal Risk for Your Website

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Your website often times your first impression to potential customers. Imagine only introducing yourself to 80% of the population because your website isn’t accessible to the other 20%. Website accessibility is more important now than ever.

Let’s Talk About How It Affects Your Website!

Reach More People

Your site should be available and accessible to anyone. However, with no adjustments to your site, up to 20% of the population will be excluded from using it due to disabilities. 

By ignoring accessibility, not only are you missing out on the business of individuals who cannot use your site, but you’re also putting your company at risk of a lawsuit.  We’re seeing this happen more and more every year.

We are committed to providing websites that work for the broadest possible audience, which is why we’ve partnered with accessiBe and are reaching out to you today. AccessiBe provides an accessibility tool that’s affordable, efficient, and will make your site fully compliant.

If you want more sales, engagement, and peace of mind for your business, we encourage you to give it a try.

Reduce Legal Risk and Legal Fees

It’s important to be proactive about ADA website compliance before it’s too late. When website owners have to react to legal action, it’s an unanticipated expense that is not budgeted for. You can get ahead of this with an automated ADA website tool that takes care of compliance on the backend.

Most websites can be made fully compliant for $188/month! Click here to get started.

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