You Won’t Believe What We Did in 1 Day!!

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Graphic: You won't believe what we did in one day!

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On September 27, 2019, Business Builders celebrated its 20th birthday by giving back. 

We worked ’round the clock — for 20 hours straight! — to revamp United Way of St. Johns County’s marketing so they can continue successfully serving our community. And you know what? We had a really good time!

Normally, we would say, “No way!” to something so crazy. But it was for a good cause, and we’re a team of pretty nice people. So we decided, “Why not?”

Plus, Jay is United Way of St. John’s County Campaign Chair, and we really love United Way of St. Johns County. They fight for the health, education, and financial stability of our neighbors in St. Johns and Putnam Counties, which is why we wanted to join them in making a local impact. 

And we did!

In one day, we…

We also…

  • Gave away 17 amazing prizes
  • Involved 19 talented team members
  • Drank way more than 48 cups of coffee
  • Tossed 1,348 pieces of confetti to celebrate
  • Raised $8,346 for United Way of St. Johns County

So yeah. It was kind of a big deal.

Was it crazy? Definitely.

Will we do it again? Maybe.

It’s easy to work 20 hours straight when you love what you do. At Business Builders, we really love what we do! But United Way of St. Johns County isn’t the only client we’ve done awesome work for. Check out some of the other work we’ve done.

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