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Carol Gilham is the latest addition in our recent line of amazing hires. Her unique perspective and experience in the field will allow us to take even better care of our clients! As an account manager, she’ll be (you guessed it) managing all things marketing for our accounts. Carol will work closely with clients to help them achieve their goals and reach more customers.

With over ten years of marketing experience, Carol developed a passion for inspiring and speaking life into people and brands. She looks forward to using her skills and knowledge to help companies find a unique voice in a saturated market. She’ll form close relationships with clients and actively manage their accounts throughout our entire partnership. She lives in Jacksonville and loves spending time with her husband, Daniel and their “feisty” toddler, Kennedy. Carol’s a full-time mom, wife and account manager, and a part-time blogger (check out her lifestyle blog, “Let’s Get Real, Ladies!”). We’re very excited to have Carol on board!

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