The Top Marketing Tool for 2020

Title: The Top Marketing Tool for 2020

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The best marketing tool is in your hand right now

According to Animoto (a DIY video-making service), in 2019, 93% of businesses got at least one new customer because they posted a social media video.

All they did was post a video, and they started getting more customers because of it. Talk about winning!

So what’s stopping you? 

I want to encourage you to try something new in 2020 by recording a video and posting it!

If you haven’t done so by now, it’s time.


Because there’s too much money to be made! In the same study by Animoto, 91% of marketers reported being satisfied with the ROI (return on investment) of videos on their social media. 

The best part is, it’s essentially free marketing.

Traditionally, when you think of marketing videos, you might think of hiring a video crew and then doing a huge video shoot and spending a couple thousand dollars to show off your product or service. 

Don’t do that!

TV ads are dead, so don’t waste your company’s money!

All you need is you, your phone, and some time. 

Sure, there’s still value in spending time and money to have professional videos made. After all, there’s nothing that can build trust faster in your brand than a well-produced video. However, the bulk of videos that are being watched on social media are just recorded on a phone! Because you have such a powerful marketing tool right in your hand, you should definitely take advantage of it. 

Need help finding some ideas to get started? Consider these to make your first video:

Go Live!

Audiences love the real-factor associated with live video. 81% of people would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. For the most part, when people are just scrolling down their feeds, the majority videos don’t even get the audio turned on, except for live videos. Again, it’s the real factor at play here. People just want to get the inside scoop! 

Pro tip: Go on Facebook live with your phone during your regular workday doing something ordinary. Believe me — people will watch! 

Download TikTok

If you’ve never heard of it or haven’t used it, then you need to download this app right now and start using it! If you’re looking for inspiration in making videos, all you need to do is swipe. Amazing content is being put out all day long and that will be sure to give you some creative ideas. So, become an expert on this platform and you’ll have set yourself up for success this coming year, particularly if you’re trying to market to younger audiences. 

Pro tip: Do something weird in your video. It will become much more viral, as this platform is often scrolled by people wanting a good laugh.

Practice Vlogging and Post to Your Instagram or Facebook Stories

If you’re selling something, sell it with a selfie video. How else can you offer your product or service to a huge market that’s ready to buy so easily? If someone watching sees someone they know recommending a product or service, they’re more likely to go try it out for themselves. You’ve already built the personal trust factor. Now, get the word out. As an added bonus, it’s free!

Pro tip: Avoid being a straight-out salesperson. Just state the problem you were facing and how the product or service helped you with that. Speak from the heart. And spread the word!

Lights, Camera, Action!

These are just some ideas to get you started. Don’t think you’ve got what it takes?

Who cares? Just try it!

See how people respond. You’ll be surprised. People want authenticity! People want you! So get your phone out and start recording videos today because the best marketing tool of the year is already in your hand!

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