Outside of the office I...

like finding places where the dress code stops at tank tops and flip flops.


“Every day I get a little older… But I ain’t gotta grow up” – Logan Mize

Travis Sutphin

Director of Development and Operations

I’m a simple WV boy that moved to FL with my family in 2015 for the sun & sand. I started my career in the I.T. field where I spent my first 12 years. During those years I taught myself how to write code and create web applications, start to finish. I wrote code for approx 10 years before moving into a Project Manager role at Business Builders. Now I have the honor of helping many people and companies in my current roles as Director of Development and Operations. My wife and I have been together since 1990 and married since 2000. Our son TJ is attending WVU currently and our daughter is in her last year of high school. A huge benefit of living in FL is that it allows my wife and me the opportunity to attend a lot of concerts, beaches, and tropical places of which we do one almost every weekend. It’s like living on vacation.