Outside of the office I...

love to enjoy coastal living with family and friends


“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.” Reba McEntire

Ali Guy

Senior Account Manager

"Maker of Marketing Magic"

My first words came way earlier than usual, a clear indicator of my personality, thanks to a big imagination and four older brothers to talk over. My mom gives a lot of credit to Barney for my jumpstart in communication. She said I would watch the videos and not only recite every line, but reenact every movement of the characters (with the occasional ad-lib of course). Basically, I watched, I listened, I learned, and I created. Fast forward 25 years and here I am — doing the exact same thing. Studying the way people behave, especially online, tells us so much about them (not in a creepy way). There is a lot of good in this world. My mission is to help people find good stuff, learn about it, and support the people providing it. I’m honored that my career allows me to provide support to a great team and help people along the way.


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