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Rulon International has been the leading manufacturer of wood ceiling and acoustical wood wall panels for over 30 years.

As their vision and technologies began to evolve over time, they knew their brand and messaging had to continue to modernize as well.

Rulon International initially reached out to Business Builders in 2019 to assist with their branding evolution. What started as a logo redesign, began to extend into a website project and digital marketing campaign to generate ongoing brand awareness. Our team has since become an extension of Rulon’s team, continuing to drive sales through INBOUND digital marketing efforts.

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Our approach


Rulon had a vision of who they wanted to be, but needed help redefining their look and messaging.


Through a new logo, fresh new website, and high quality video work we were able to help bring that vision to life.


Once the new look was finalized, it was time to show it off through a targeted campaign created to reach their ideal audience.

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Defining Your Message

For many years Rulon International focused on their outbound marketing strategy.

Perfecting their sales scripts, attending trade shows and hosting networking events became second nature. However, when it came to inbound marketing strategy and crafting a digital message that brought sales to them, they knew they needed a team that could help them showcase their unique approach and skills through a screen. Using the Storybrand methodology, our team was able to guide Rulon International through a proven framework built to clarify their message, and drive sales.




Creating a Website with Intentionality

Once we clarified and realigned Rulon’s messaging to focus on their key consumer persona, it was time to design a high quality website that illustrated the high quality products they handcraft for their customers.

We knew right away that their website needed to showcase heavy imagery, hoping to capture the eye of talented architects and designers. With our messaging focusing on the customers journey, and their vision of bringing their award-winning designs to life, it was imminent that imagery should be a key focus in their updated website design.
screencapture-web-archive-org-web-20180113131949-http-rulonco-com-2023-05-04-11_53_26 Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 10.31.56 AM


Capturing Their Story Through Video

With clear messaging and a clean new website, it was time to re-introduce Rulon’s brand and service capabilities to their customers and prospects.

Through a series of videos that showcased their history, vision and product features, we targeted their ideal customer base across varying media channels.



Amplifying the Message

After extensive research understanding Rulon’s target persona, understanding where they spend most of their time/ shop/ search for inspiration, we crafted a targeted paid ad campaign to ensure they get maximum exposure from within their market.

Using the flywheel model, a concept adapted by HubSpot to explain the momentum you gain when you align your entire organization around delivering a remarkable customer experience, we were able to target their ideal customer base through every step of the user journey.
With the goal of attracting new prospects, our team crafted a strategic social media plan and launched a Google Search and Display campaign driving traffic back to the new website. To continue to engage with the individuals who expressed interest, we crafted a free design guide with timeless design trends downloadable from the website. After acquiring the prospects’ contact information upon download, we continued to nurture those relationships through email communication, highlighting products, recently completed projects, and sharing trending information within the design community.

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