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I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

Do you ever feel like you have so many different responsibilities on your plate these days that it’s a wonder they haven’t crashed to the ground yet? When your to-do list is a mile long, you have 50 browser tabs open, and you’re just trying to get your work completed on time, it’s enough to make you lose your mind.

Stop right there! Step away from the “add a new tab” button, and pull up a chair. Many times, the solutions you’re looking for are simple and can be added with just one click! Our team has found browser extensions to be essential tools to help us get our work done with excellence and efficiency, all while keeping our heads on straight.

To help you do the same, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite browser extensions in hopes that we can help guide you along the path to hustling without wanting to throw in the towel. 



Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant that helps users check their grammar, spelling, and tone. It shows in a similar fashion to spell-check in Google Docs and Microsoft Word but adds even more functionality. Grammarly will suggest changes to improve your correctness, clarity, and engagement. It will even suggest synonyms for you!

Grammarly works across multiple software systems, including Gmail, Slack, Google Docs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more! You can get corrections while you use your favorite sites, ensuring you don’t have any grammar or spelling mistakes no matter where you’re working. Think of Grammarly as your college writing tutor built right into your browser.


Loom is an all-in-one video messaging and screen sharing browser extension. It allows you to:

  • Record your screen (by browser, tab, or your entire screen)
  • Record your audio via your computer’s microphone
  • Record your camera view
  • Edit your video by trimming it, adding a call-to-action, or a custom thumbnail
  • Share via a password-protected link

Loom merges video chat and screen sharing together to create an optimal experience. Your viewers can respond to your videos with emojis and comments, streamlining communication, and feedback. With Loom, we’ve been able to increase clear communication with our clients while decreasing the frustration that often comes from working separately.


Teamwork is an extremely detailed work and project management software that we love. You can create projects and include timelines, tasks, milestones, due dates, owners, tags, time logs, and so much more that makes keeping work organized easier than ever. 

Teamwork allows you to see:

  • A clear overview of the project
  • Which tasks need to be done
  • Who will be working on which tasks
  • When tasks are due

At the same time, you can easily collaborate with your team within a project. The level of granularity you can achieve with Teamwork is exceptional, and we have found amazing success as a team by organizing our projects in Teamwork. We’re even able to include our contractors in Teamwork, eliminating the need for additional mediums of communication. Instead of working across multiple platforms to get one job done, we can do it all from one place. 


1Pass is a password manager, digital vault, and form-filler that operates through a Chrome extension and its own website. Security of our client’s information is a top priority for our team, and 1Pass is built to securely save login credentials and payment information while keeping them easy to access. Having our login credentials saved in 1Pass enables us to access them from any location, easily fill in the data from our browser without having to remember login information, and even share the details across our team without worrying about security risks.


Visual Inspector 

Visual Inspector is a tool for designers to:

  • Review pixel-perfect web pages
  • Change design properties (position, font, opacity, colors, gradient, etc.)
  • Ensure formatting is in line
  • Capture fonts, colors, and assets from a website

It’s a fantastic extension if you spend a lot of time working on web design but don’t want to handle changes through coding. You can also export page assets and changes as PNG files so reviews go smoothly.

Full Page Screen Capture

This plugin is pretty self-explanatory!

Full Page Screen Capture allows you to take a screen capture of your full page instead of piecing it together yourself. The plugin also allows you to download this screen capture as an image or PDF, making it easy to share across your team.


SEO Extension

SEO Extension allows you to see important website metrics and insights all in one place. Our team finds that this tool increases efficiency when working on SEO tasks for clients or doing research. Through SEO Extension, you can:

  • Check the authority and trustworthiness of a website 
  • See your competitors best-performing keywords 
  • Review the most valuable backlinks
  • Check keyword density
  • Review and fix broken links
  • See on-page SEO analysis
  • Track the organic positions of your website 

HubSpot Sales

The HubSpot Sales extension allows you to bring the power of the HubSpot CRM to your email inbox. You can schedule emails, trigger email sequences, track email opens and clicks, share email templates across your team, see email metrics to help you tweak your templates, and even book meetings!

HubSpot Sales helps you maximize the time you spend in your inbox and create efficient systems to close more sales. Our sales and marketing teams love this extension and all it allows them to do. It makes everything about sales so much easier and helps you close more leads, too. 

Facebook Pixel Helper

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a great way to review the effectiveness of your Facebook Pixels. The extension will work in the background to review your pixel conversions, the number of pixels on each page, warnings, errors, and more. With this data, you can make changes to your pixel strategy and see better conversion rates!

Google Tag Assistant

Think of Google Tag Assistant as a tutor for your work. The extension will help you verify that Google tags are correctly set up on your page and user flows are operating as they should. Google Tag Assistant will report errors, troubleshoot issues, and suggest improvements. This way, you can clean up your work and provide the best possible SEO results.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

When you have a lot of projects going on at work and there’s so much to manage, the sheer volume of things to do can be exhausting. These tools can help you streamline your day-to-day work processes and keep your sanity.

Do you know about a really good browser extension we didn’t write about? Tell us! We love learning and may even wind up using it ourselves. We’re all about efficiency and keeping our sanity, after all. 

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