It’s Important To Stay Attuned To Trends in Your Social Marketing Strategies

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This is the second in a three part break down of managing effective inbound marketing strategies, in which we look at the importance of devoting time to your online audience to generate new custom, keep existing customer loyalty and build your brand and ultimately, your sales.

In a bestseller guide to contemporary marketing strategy development, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott says:

“On the Web, customers, stakeholders, and the media can immediately see what’s on people’s minds. There’s never been so good an opportunity to monitor what’s being said about you and your products than the one we have now. The Internet is like a massive focus group with uninhibited customers offering up their thoughts for free!

It’s Important To Stay Attuned To Trends in Your Social Marketing Strategies

Clients of Business Builders often ask us if they could be doing more with their social media to build customers and revenues. We recommend daily monitoring of your brand on your social media platforms and look for trends and shifts.

Brainstorm keywords on social media that link to your industry, then check these daily. It may seem a time-consuming task, but social platforms are free inbound marketing tools. Use social media search bars and hashtags and copy what works for your competitors! There is software to simplify the process; can scan multiple sites via your chosen keywords.

If your key word list is extensive, or you need to manage teams of marketing professionals and engage with customers, then you have the choice of paying for integrative software for ease of management, such Hootsuite or Sprout Social. Alternatively, consider outsourcing to a marketing agency or consultant. Both make managing your online reputation simpler and analysing what works via analytics faster. Digital marketing is ubiquitous, so you will be sure to find solutions with pricing options that fit your marketing budget.

Aside from monitoring daily social communications, stay abreast of how things are moving at least monthly. Review statistics and see who is dropping out and why. Watch which posts work in terms of generating responses and shares. This is where the value lies. Merely throwing out stuff to your audience in the hope that it is working will not generate profits fast. You can shorten the sales cycle and increase the profit curve by staying tuned to what is working via the various analytics each software package offers.

The online world involves audiences who expect immediate results. Getting this right has implications for your bottom line. Online marketing research has shown that 42% of people complaining about services and products via social media expect a response within 60 minutes. Managing customer expectations and monitoring your statistics minimises risk to your brand and takes 15-30 minutes to do daily.

Not paying attention to customer’s interactions and patterns in communications generally is costing you customers, because those competitors working the variables will be pulling in the sales. Be sure not to lose out for the sake of half an hour’s work per week, or an hour or two per month crunching numbers and evaluating qualitative information.

Now Stay tuned to the third in our marketing strategies trilogy to make your inbound marketing pay for itself over and over. Sign up for our newsletter or hook up with us socially to get our next insights into making social work for you.

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