HubSpot and AI – How Both Make Wins for Your Marketing 

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As we sail into the future of marketing, the merging of trusted marketing automation solutions like HubSpot and the transformative power of innovative artificial intelligence (AI) tools is shaping the digital landscape. 

HubSpot, renowned for its comprehensive CRM and sales platform, combines seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces. It offers an array of tools that manage, automate, and analyze your marketing efforts. And yet, when paired with the intelligence and automation capabilities of AI, its potential amplifies.

Today, let’s explore how AI and HubSpot can combine to take your marketing to the next level. First, before exploring the benefits, we need to cover some common misconceptions about using artificial intelligence to promote your business. 

3 Big Misconceptions About AI 

1: Using AI is a Substitute for a Skilled Marketer

A common perception about AI tools and marketing is that they are solutions that anyone can use and produce equal results, marketer or not. While they close some of the learning gaps in some areas, they are not a substitute for experienced marketers with expertise and strategic planning to drive results for your business. 

Instead, AI enables marketers to serve your business better. By offloading some of the more time-intensive, low-level tasks using AI, they can spend far more time on the most impactful aspects of the strategy, ensuring that every aspect of your campaign is built to drive performance for your investment. 

2: AI Can Do Everything 

While many marketing-focused AI tools are impressive, they are not one-stop solutions. They can certainly make many aspects of marketing more convenient or help save time, but they cannot execute a holistic campaign for you that covers every aspect of a high-performing strategy

With skilled marketers and other time-tested solutions like HubSpot in the mix, you can cover more ground, reach the right audiences, and target them effectively with the right messaging that will inspire them to convert and engage with your business. 

3: AI is Error-Free 

Popular AI tools like ChatGPT are not free from making mistakes. They operate on a predictive model where they do their best to “guess” what you’re looking for based on the prompt or command you give them. 

Sometimes, an AI tool will produce exactly what you’re looking for. Other times, it will miss the mark entirely and be unable to satisfy your marketing needs. In these instances, having an experienced HubSpot user at the helm can help fill these gaps and make sure that your campaigns are continuing to move in the right direction. 

How HubSpot and AI Make a Perfect Match 

HubSpot has also joined the AI revolution, integrating a number of capabilities into its platform that use AI to fast-track some once time-intensive tasks. 

While it can provide content generation similar to tools like ChatGPT, HubSpot AI also provides a wide range of other advanced features that enable marketers to better serve the businesses they work with. Some examples include: 


Have your HubSpot expert set up an AI-powered CRM bot that allows you to use feature’s wide range of features and functions through simple commands entered in a chatbox dialogue. ChatSpot can also be used to create new emails, generate reports, and add new audience segments. 

Record and Transcribe Calls 

Get full recordings and transcriptions from the calls you have with leads and customers automatically. When you’re ready to close the deal, you’ll be able to do so with all of the necessary context that your sales team needs. 

Import New Leads 

Have a massive list of new potential leads’ email addresses from a trade show you just attended? Nothing is more time-consuming than manually entering them all into your CRM to follow up with later. 

Instead of manually entering every piece of information, HubSpot’s AI enables you to load them all to your CRM from a spreadsheet so that you can save time without sacrificing quality of information. 

Manage Your Data 

HubSpot AI can also assist you in data management. From cleansing data, ongoing maintenance, and logging new customer information, you can streamline all of these tasks with minimal human intervention. 

Combine with a HubSpot Expert and Elevate Your Results 

HubSpot is an impressive platform. Its features offer limitless possibilities to more efficiently market your business, but are you using each one to its full potential? 

If not, it’s understandable. You are focused on the core responsibilities that come with running your business. Between developing products, providing services, managing employees, and sales, it can be easy for marketing to feel like another checkbox on a list. 

A HubSpot expert that has years of experience maximizing the performance potential of the platform can handle executing your marketing campaigns for you as well as optimize your CRM for impeccably managed data. With best practices and time-tested strategies in their corner, you can focus more on what you love most about operating your business with the confidence that a skilled HubSpot user is ensuring that your messages are resonating with the right audience on a consistent basis. 

Combining HubSpot’s features and new AI-powered features allows a HubSpot Expert to do more to market your business in less time while making a measurable impact on your campaign performance. In turn, this can take your return on investment to the next level. 

Maximize Your Results with HubSpot AI and a HubSpot Solutions Partner 

At Business Builders, we help businesses like yours harness the full potential of HubSpot through proven processes and innovative strategies that help you reach the customers you desire most. To learn more about how we can help you leverage HubSpot to maximize the results from your marketing investment, request a quote today. 

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