Google Updates: Summer 2017

Google Updates: Summer 2017

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Google is a great example of a company taking continual steps for growth and improvement. Even as successful as they have become, they still know the importance of striving to be better. The search engine is seemingly always coming out with updates, and it’s difficult to keep up with them all. Fortunately, our seasonal updates can keep you informed. 

Fake News

The most important update of the season is Google’s new pledge to take down what they call “fake news,” which is basically any content containing false, misleading, or offensive information. The update comes after several well-known examples of false reports ranking highly on their searches, including a top result which stated that the holocaust never happened

Google has taken action to eliminate this low-quality content from the first page of their search results. Their new ranking guidelines are stricter and more detailed, encouraging more “authoritative” content at the top and demoting bad results. Google has also updated their algorithms to reduce the chances that fake news will appear. They will flag bad posts and keep note of websites that repeatedly produce false or offensive content to prevent future occurrences.


One of the newer features that Google has introduced is autocomplete. This tool helps predict the results you may be looking for to get you information quickly. In the past, some ridiculous things have come up under autocomplete (for example, you type in ‘why are there-‘ and receive ‘why are there no pants in the refrigerator?’). Sometimes, even racist, insensitive or offensive comments would be autocompleted, so Google decided it was time to make a change. They recently improved the way autocomplete works. This content is now based on a combination of past searches, high-ranking results, user location and other factors. Not only does this save you time, but the search will adapt and offer better suggestions over time.

Direct Feedback

Another feature that will help both Google and its users in the future is a new feedback system. You are now able to flag inappropriate content that appears in the autocomplete or featured snippets tab. This feedback mechanism includes categories so you can let Google know your reason for flagging. Users can highlight specific issues and bring them to Google’s attention in just a few simple steps. This will help improve their algorithms and remove false or offensive content for future use.


Our Take

These changes prove that Google is listening to its users, and taking steps to improve their experience. As the most respected source of information on the Internet, they are expected to produce quality search results every time. Google teaches us an important lesson: there is always room for improvement. They spent millions of dollars rolling out these changes, but in the end, a willingness to change is what makes them one of the most successful organizations in the world.

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