Google Fall Update

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Google is always updating their search algorithms and trying to improve their user experience. Take a look at the latest batch of Google updates so you can stay ahead of the SEO game.

Google Q & A

The Q & A feature is now incorporated into local searches. Q & A’s main role is to get the most updated and relevant data about businesses and places in the searchers area. The new feature is most notably being incorporated into mobile devices near the bottom of the results page. Business owners and employees can add frequently asked questions and answers to give users easy access to any information they might need. When a customer asks a question, Google notifies the owner to find out if they have an answer. When the question is answered, a notification is sent to the customer. This is just another way that Google is trying to make user-to-consumer interaction even better.

New Search Filters

Google’s goal is always to provide users with the best search experience possible, and they introduce new search filters periodically to further narrow down results into what people are looking for. When Google rolled out the new filters in early 2017, they allowed people to sort results based on price, ratings and hours of operation and more. Since then, Google has streamlined the feature. In fact, users can now filter filter the results automatically. For example, if you search “best roofer” on Google, you will only see roofing companies with a 4-star and above rating. This means positive reviews for your business are more important than ever.

Business Listing Editor

This helpful and convenient feature will make it easier for business owners to make quick info updates and respond to any comments. If you are a verified business with Google My Business, you can now update your business info directly from Google’s results page. While logged into your account, simply type your business into Google and you will see a menu right above the search results. You can upload photos, change hours, check and respond to reviews and more. This works seamlessly from mobile or desktop, and can be accessed at any time.

Instant Chat Feature

Business owners can now allow visitors to message them right from the local panel on Google. Chat features increase conversion rates and let customers to get answers quickly. Using this feature requires a quick average response time because people can see your response stats on Google. Businesses that provide fast and helpful responses can set themselves apart from the competition and generate more sales.


Keeping your search results high is easier said than done. If you need any help navigating the complex world of Google, contact our team.

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