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Big news at Business Builders: We’re now HubSpot Gold Partners! But why does a HubSpot Gold Partnership matter to you? Read on…

Having the right sales and marketing tools is critical to producing success in any business. Years ago, we started using a tool called HubSpot to help ourselves and our clients track and hit goals better. Then, we decided to abandon it for a while to try other options.

Why HubSpot?

About a year ago, we reinvestigated the tool and realized how many amazing new features it had baked in:

  • live chat
  • automated meeting scheduling
  • improved marketing tools
  • service ticket management
  • and much more

Because of all the built-in features it had, we decided to partner with HubSpot for our own sales and marketing, and for our clients’. We also consolidated four different applications we were using and made HubSpot our primary sales and marketing tool.

Since then, we’ve on-boarded multiple clients and used it for the majority of our high-end marketing partnership plans, which allow us to come alongside our clients and be their marketing department.

This is great because now their marketing is only a fraction of the cost it would take to have that team internally. HubSpot makes tracking all the stages of a prospect easy, from just visiting to becoming a customer.

Our agency’s certification through a HubSpot Gold Partnership means we’ve shown significant experience with multiple clients, and also have multiple team members who have passed many HubSpot certifications.

As a result, we’re able to provide the best possible service to our clients looking for an all-in-one sales, marketing, and service platform like HubSpot. Ultimately, it means we’re better positioned to help you grow your business!

Have you been on the fence about moving to HubSpot (or looking at similar options) so you can track your sales and marketing better?

If so, grab a time on our calendar to talk about your needs, or just click the live chat button on the bottom right of this page (powered by HubSpot). We’d love to help! 

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