DE Design System


The DE Digital Design System is a living repository of style guidelines, reusable components and  best practices for digital design and delivery. A Design System goes beyond the screen and acts as a single source of truth that will allow the DE team to design, realize, and develop digital products to help grow our business.

The main goals of a unified design system are:

The DE Indentity

Core Values

Experience—We believe experience matters.

Commitment—We believe in long-term relationships. 

Quality—We believe in work that stands out. 

Joy—We believe work can be fun.

Family — We believe life is more than just business. 

Faith—We believe faith is the foundation of everything.

Website Goals

Business Builders helps others grow their business through digital marketing strategies. The DE website should inform the community about the services we offer in a simple and friendly way while providing clear steps they can take toward partnering with us.

It should also serve as a hub of information and resources through our various landing pages and library of blog posts.