Continued Growth: From Part-time Print Manager to President

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We’re big on progress over perfection at Business Builders. Marketing is often an ongoing experiment that should look to constantly improve. Our team is much the same.

Chris Webster started working at Business Builders in 2011. The company was still named Design Extensions back then; there was just a hand full of team members; Chris was a full-time firefighter for the City of St. Augustine and started by just managing print work for our clients part-time. In fact, the few full-time team members would often remind him that he was just a part-time guy.

Fast forward over a decade, and Chris is now the President of the company. Not only that, when he started, the company was selling less than a million a year, and in 2022, Business Builders did over $3,000,000 in business. So what did it take to get from part-time print manager to President?

Chris and Jay (our CEO) talked about just that and more on a recent episode of Building a Business that Lasts.

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