Best Development Project Management Tools 

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Title: Best Development Project Management Tools

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There’s a lot of work to be done in the development department. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best in custom software and app development. One way we’re able to do this is by using the best tools for project management. 

If you’ve ever wondered what apps you should be using for development project management, then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ones, all in one place!


Man working and organized


Teamwork is an extremely detailed work and project management software that we love. You can create projects and include timelines, tasks, milestones, due dates, owners, tags, time logs, and more!

Teamwork allows you to see:

  • A clear overview of the project
  • Which tasks need to be done
  • Who will be working on which tasks
  • When tasks are due

At the same time, you can easily collaborate with your team all within the project. The level of granularity that you can achieve with Teamwork is exceptional, and we have found amazing success as a team by organizing our projects within Teamwork. We’re even able to include our contractors in Teamwork, eliminating the need for additional mediums of communication. 

G Suite

G Suite is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google that operate through cloud computing. 

Here’s just a few things G Suite offers:

  • Email
  • Calendars
  • Online documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • File storage
  • Form builder

There are also many other tools available so you can efficiently run your business.

Cloud computing allows users to access and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more at the same time, reducing the need to edit one-by-one and creating more efficiency.

We keep all of our internal files and client work within G Suite, using an extensive filing system to organize the content. All of our clients also receive a shared external Google Drive, where we can house any documents that need to be shared with both parties. It’s been a great tool for everything from creation to organization and collaboration.

Kanban Flow

KanBan flow is an Agile project management solution that utilizes boards to visualize stages of a process. Within these boards, there are columns assigned to each stage of the process and cards to represent tasks in progress. Kanban boards are a fantastic way to visualize the agile process with a client and indicate where each task is within the process.

In our development department, we use these boards as an external-facing tool for our clients. We set up a board for each client so we can communicate clearly on:

  • What tasks are in the backlog
  • Which are in process
  • Where each task is within the sprint process


Fingers typing on laptop


Slack is an instant messaging communication tool that organizes your communication to create more efficient teams. Slack utilizes both direct 1:1 communication as well as group channels for communication. The group channels provide dedicated spaces for your project, team, or topic of conversation, which in turn helps clean up your inbox! You can even share these channels with your external stakeholders and clients for quick, collaborative communication. 


Loom is a free screen recorder that allows you to record your webcam, voice, and computer screen at the same time. Using Loom videos has dramatically reduced our back-and-forth emailing with clients. We’re able to demonstrate steps we want them to take on a website or within a program, gather an understanding of a software bug that they found, and even show off a new feature. With Loom, we’ve been able to increase clear communication with our clients while decreasing the frustration that can come from working separately.


Man using calculator for finances


Quickbooks is a cloud-based accounting software geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses. You can use Quickbooks to do anything from accepting business payments to managing and paying bills, and even handling payroll functions. Quickbooks also integrates with numerous other software programs, which eliminates tedious manual data entry into your CRM, online shop, or time tracking software.


Square is an all-in-one payment processing system that allows businesses to accept credit card payments on the go. This is done via invoice, remotely, or through your website. Businesses can set up online stores, recurring payments, memberships, and more to create seamless processes within their businesses. You can even customize your payment platform and API to tailor it to fit your business needs. Square doesn’t charge any additional fees, does not require long term contracts, and works hard to secure your account details and any payment details you process, making them a great partner for small businesses.


Man reaching toward security concepts


1Pass is a password manager, digital vault, and form-filler that operates through a Chrome extension and its own website. Security of our client’s information is a top priority for our team, and 1Pass is built to securely save login credentials and payment information while ensuring they’re still easy to access. Having our login credentials saved within 1Pass enables us to access them from any location, easily fill in the data from our browser, and share the details across our team without worrying about security risks. 

Choosing Your Project Management Tools

When it comes to project management, the success of every project lies in how well it’s managed. With the right project management tools, you can help make every project a success, in every department of your organization! While these are our preferred project management tools, we love learning about different tools that others find helpful to make business run smoothly.

Got a favorite? Share it with us! We’d love to hear about it. 

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