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Don Sorensen president of Big Blue Robot, a brand management company, in an interview with Forbes tells a warning tale of a large company losing $2 million a year in sales because of negative reviews. While, this is not necessarily the norm, it shows how easy it is to hemorrhage custom because of how audiences see you online and not being equipped to effectively manage your inbound marketing.

Too often, we have clients come to us when this glaring gap in a company’s marketing strategy is already having negative impacts, such as less phone calls coming in and fewer hits and queries via their website. Even when a company proactively uses social media, they are blind-sided by criticism online. This is the third in our series of articles on making your social and online marketing strategies work for you. To see the first two in this series, go here and here.

If your business is busy and you are already over-stretched, automating your business’s inbound marketing processes will help you manage your day-to-day operations easier and help you get on with your other key operations. Check out how to set up alerts that let you know when your company is being mentioned in online media. This allows you to respond immediately.

Google Alerts is a great free tool to register for. With the options provided, you can for instance choose to be alerted when your company name comes up in online communications, your current marketing slogans are being used, or watch relevant industry key words. Each analytic will enable you to capture mentions on significant platforms either of your brand, or help you track what people are interested in from your niche.

It will not necessarily pick up mentions on smaller blogs, but the online world spreads messages quickly, so if comments go viral, you will pick them up ultimately. Like most elements of managing your marketing strategies, there is software to help you here, albeit not free.

Business Builders can help you build a valuable marketing strategy that helps you connect with influencers, build your online reputation and manage all of your inbound marketing in ways that work around your schedule and budget.   We understand that managing your reputation and communications online can seem over-whelming and increasingly complex.

The online competition is ferocious nowadays; everyone is online and leaving your reputation to chance isn’t a risk you can afford anymore. We recommend following our recommended inbound marketing strategies every day and build in weekly reviews of statistics to dictate future communication strategies. Get set up from here on and make managing your inbound marketing easier.

Managing your online presence should only take roughly 60 minutes every day and will be time well spent in terms of return on investment. It will build website visitors, loyalty and can potentially save you thousands in lost revenue.

If you have found some of the marketing strategies discussed in this three-part series of articles on inbound marketing, we would like to hear your feedback and challenges for your business… We like to practice what we preach about staying engaged! 😉

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