7 New Web Design Trends for 2020

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Web design — and web design trends — have changed a lot in recent years. 

Today, technology is better, faster, and more intuitive than ever. As a result, customers are expecting the same out of their digital experiences.

So how can your website keep up and stand out from the competition? That’s easy — by staying current. To help, here are some great web design trends we can expect to become the new normal in 2020.

Upcoming Web Design Trends

1. Dark Mode

You may have already seen dark mode popping up in your other apps and devices. It’s the ability to view content on a dark background instead of a typical white background. In case you missed it, we use it right here on our blog (check out the toggle button at the top of this post!). There are a ton of benefits to using dark mode, including better battery life and less eye strain. Dark mode also heightens the aesthetic of any website, creating a modern, luxurious feel. And that’s something we can definitely get behind.

2. Organic Elements

There was a time when websites used to be all about the grid. Styling techniques were limited and we had to consider “What can we convey in this series of boxes?” Thankfully, that time is long behind us! We can now create more visual impact with imperfect layouts and hand-drawn elements. Once cold or static layouts can be brought to life through organic elements, allowing customers to feel more connected to your brand.  

3. Video

Video is not necessarily a new feature of websites, but we’re starting to change how we use it. Instead of just placing a video embed on a page, well-thought-out and impactful videos are starting to become the norm. Videos on your website should enhance the customer’s journey, not distract — or detract — from it. Check out a stunning example of this design trend on our client WheelHouse Storage’s website

4. 3D Effects

As mentioned before, websites used to be pretty limited, flat and boxy. Now, we’re able to create depth on the page using soft shadows, layers, and transitions. It’s another visual way of immersing customers in your brand. You can add interest to text, buttons, or photos in a subtle, modern way. As a customer scrolls through your website, the content seems to unfold before them and guide them toward the next step… and that’s exactly what you want

5. Bold Collages

Websites in 2020 are all about big impact and unlimited creativity. Overlapping photos with patterns, textures, and illustrations can turn your website into a modern piece of art that your customer will enjoy looking at. That means they’ll stay on there longer, giving you more time to convince them that your service or product is just what they need. Bold collages let you communicate complicated or abstract concepts like tech or finance in a new, interesting way.

6. White Space in Layouts

Full bleed layouts have been pretty typical in web design for a while. With these new collaged graphics, video, and 3D effects, designers are introducing a lot more white space to help maintain balance and structure. And white space is a good thing! In 2020, we’ll see a lot of white space to frame strong visuals and create pages with clearly defined sections without all the straight lines.

7. Minimal Navigation

In a tech-heavy culture, users are moving faster and faster across digital platforms. To keep up with users, navigation is getting straight to the point. With minimal navigation, your user is less likely to get impatient and leave. Bulky text links are often hidden in layered navigation with attention now going to the highlighted content and visuals. These days, navigation has to accommodate large desktops all the way to small, wearable devices. So when it comes to navigation, keep it simple.

Put It Into Action

Keep these web design trends in mind when you’re preparing to streamline your website in the new year. We’re entering into a new decade, and it’s a pretty big deal. When it comes to technology, everything is going to keep changing — and much quicker than ever before. Be sure to stay on top of the latest web trends so you can keep up with (or surpass!) your competition.

It’s also important to note that every company’s needs are different, and some of these rules don’t apply to every case. Think you may need help with your website so you can make 2020 your best year yet? Get in touch with our team!

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