3 Search Engine Optimization Tips That You Should NOT Be Following

3 Search Engine Optimization Tips That You Should NOT Be Following

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Over the years, people have done a lot of research — and a lot of trial and error — in regards to search engine optimization. This means that there is no shortage of information out there about it, from blog posts to e-books and everything in-between.

Doing your research to learn about search engine optimization is smart, but you shouldn’t believe everything that you read. For example, these are three search engine optimization tips that you should NOT be following.

1. Use Your Keywords as Much as Possible

In the past, stuffing your content with as many related keywords as possible was a good thing. This is no longer the case. Google can detect keyword spamming from a mile away and will penalize your blog for it, so keep it natural, and use your keywords sparingly.

2. Post Backlinks Everywhere

Posting comments on blogs all over the Internet, buying thousands of backlinks and other old tactics of building backlinks to your site used to be a great way to boost your search engine rankings very quickly. However, this is now seen as spam. Backlinks should be natural, and having thousands and thousands of links to your blog added in a short period of time is decidedly not natural.

3. Submit Guest Blogs on Lots of Sites

Sending a blog post to a website owner and asking to have it posted with a link back to your blog can work. However, you have to look at the quality of the site that your blog will be posted on. You also have to pay attention to how relevant the site is to your own site.

There are a lot of outdated SEO tactics that can be very harmful for your site. If you would like help with real, honest and effective search engine optimization and online marketing, contact us at Business Builders.

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